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InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer in Light Blue and Gray

InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer in Light Blue and Gray

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Blue Strollers

Ah of the most naturally occurring colors of the palette. The color itself is known to evoke such emotions as loyalty, patience and calmness. Blue is so important it is even given it's own music genre! But does the color blue say one thing more clearly than all of these of these things? Of course it does, blue says “BOY!”

From day one of pregnancy one of the most important question everyone wants to know- will it be a blue or a pink? Well one thing is for sure...whatever it may be there will certainly be a stroller to match!

These days with the growing number of parents who do not wish to learn the gender before birth, a lot of time the color choices are merely a reflection of what they like personally. It is not as important to some that the color they choose reflect the gender of their precious one.

A few other reasons you may want to consider going with a blue stroller:

Blue is universally the most liked color of the spectrum.

Dark or navy blue doesn't show the signs of wear and tear quite as much as a lighter color.

There are lots of nursery and baby equipment made to match with blue!

Blue is mommy's favorite color.

And most importantly, should your little one have blue eyes...nothing brings out that color like the perfect blue your baby a blue or a pink!

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